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Welcome to where our focus is specifically on La Jolla Hotels… not San Diego Hotels. Quickly discover how to find the right Hotel location and amenities that meets your needs. Because we are an information site that lists all 27 Commercial Hotel Properties in La Jolla including Interactive Maps and direct links out to the Hotel Properties, you don’t have to worry about our opinions or biases.

Our listings of La Jolla Hotels is done by proximity to the Ocean Beaches where most people want to spend their time.  We have organized all of the local La Jolla Hotels by Inland, Directly on the Beach, and Close Proximity to the Beach.

We list all the La Jolla Hotels is a simple and easy to use format along with information about the hotel, photographs and a map of the La Jolla Hotels exact locations.  La Jolla California is a very popular vacation destination for families across the United States.  Due to the excellent climate and close proximity to San Diego’s prime attractions along the coast line one can always count on an excellent experience.

And while San Diego has a spectacular climate there is the occasional storm which comes at just the in opportune time for a few vacationers.  This is why we include a link in our navigation bar where you can quickly and easily check the average rainfall totals and temperatures for La Jolla Weather in a glance.  You’ll note December, January, February and March is when the vast majority of rainfall occurs.

When you click on a tab you’ll view only the hotels that are related to the proximity to the beach of that hotel.  Each listing contains a photograph of the hotel, a direct link to the hotel property (these direct links do not go through a 3rd party… they go directly to the Hotel and we are NOT paid a commission on transactions made through these direct links), and an interactive map where you can zoom in and out to see how close the hotel is to the places you want to visit.  The interactive map also provides satellite views so you can see what is really there.

La Jolla Hotels Empress Hotel Room

Empress Hotel - La Jolla Hotels - La Jolla Lodging

Interior hotel room at the popular Empress Hotel

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